Get Your Google My Business Listing

To Get On Google Maps You Need To Create Your GMB Listing

The number one marketing priority for every small business should be to create or claim a Google My Business listing. 

Many businesses already have a GMB Listing but have never claimed ownership of it.  That means it is likely to have minimal content because these listings created by Google scrapping other online resources, were created before Google added many of the essential features now available in GMB Listings.

To find out if a listing exists you simply need to do a Google search for your business name in Google Maps.  If it exists, log on to your Google account (if you have a Gmail account, Youtube account or Adwords account this will be the same login) and click on the maps listing link to claim the business.  Once ownership is verified you can complete the listing and start optimising it to rank higher.

If no listing exists go to google.com/business to create a new listing.  Again, you need to be logged on to your Google account, then click "Start Now" and follow the prompts.

Completing Your GMB Listing For Better Ranking

Create A Google My Business ListingWhen you claim or create a GMB Listing, you will find that you will have minimal content.  In order to get your listing working for you you need to get it ranking in the "3 Pack" and that means using all of the tools provided by Google.  The better the content in your listing, the better it will rank and be shown to the most appropriate searchers.  That means accuracy and completeness in:

  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Hours
  • Description
  • Business categories
  • Business details
  • Profile images
  • Verified status
  • Reviews
  • Review replies
  • Positive vs negative ratings
  • Average star of ratings
  • Posts
    • Updates
    • Offers
    • Events
  • Questions & Answers
  • Photos

 Use A Local Number

1800 and 1300 numbers and vertual office numbers are frequently used by businesses trying to spam Google with fake locations and can have a negative effect on ranking.

Be Careful Using Tracked Numbers

We recommend using a tracked phone number as Google only reports calls from mobile devices clicking on the number resulting in under reporting, however your tracking number must be seen by Google to be a local number.  Get this wrong and you could damage your rankings.

Keep Your Hours Updated

GMB Listings tell customers when you are open.  Keep your daily hours up to date and don't forget to add special hours for holidays.

Optimise Your Listing Description.

You have 750 charachters available in your listing so try to use them.  Be aware though that only the first 100 charachters show unless a searcher clicks for more so get your best sales pitch into the first 100 charachters.  Include your most valuable search terms in the description.

Choose the Correct Category

Once Google allowed you to create new categories to describe your business but no longer.  You must choose from the categories listed by Google so take time to decide which is the most appropriate for your business.  Once the main category has been chosen you can add others as subcategories but only choose those that rwally are relevent.

Add Geo-Tagged Photos

Photos make your listing stand out to searchers, but geo-tagged photos also verify for Google that the photo's are (most likely) genuinely related to your business.  Most digital cameras add georaphical co-ordinates into what is called EXIF data in the digital image.  This data should match your business location.  Using a stock photo from the other side of the world is a red flag to Google.

Get Google Reviews

Google Reviews tell Google and searchers what other customers have said about you.  Unfortunately human nature is such that unsolicited reviews are more likely to come from a disgruntled customer so you need a strategy for getting reviews from happy customers.  Asking for reviews may not be enough.  Make it easy by providing a clickable link on your website to your Google reviews form and also send this link to customers via email.  If you have a constant stream of positive reviews you don't have to be concerned about the occassional bad one.

Answer Reviews

Whether you answer reviews quickly or at all is a strong ranking factor.  Always be nice, even if responding to a negative review.

Add Posts Often

Google now allows and encourages posts on your GMB Listing.  Information or "update" type posts are only shown as "current" for 7 days so you should be posting at least once per week.  Offer type posts have a start and end date.

Products & Services

You can now create product listings and service listings which should be utilised.

Your Website

Onsite SEO is important so that the optimised content in your GMB Listing correlated to the optimised content of your website.  This adds more authority to the content in your GMB Listing which directly relates to the ranking.


Citations are simply pulication online of your business name and address.  The more often Google finds your business the greater the credibility you have.  Make sure you keep a record of directories and sites where your business is listed so that you can keep contact details up to date.  All citations of your address should be identical (eg. choose ST or Street and stick to that form).

Keeping your GMB Listing up to date can be time consuming but it will well worth the effort as new customers start finding you.  If you find you don't have the time to do it properly have a look at our GMB Managed services.


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