Google My Business Ranking Report

Do You Know How You Rank on GMB Compared To Your Competition?

Google My Business Rankings are much more location specific than website rankings.  Just because your business ranks in the 3 Pack when you do a test search, doesn't mean it ranks the same for searchers in the next postcode.  GMB Optimisation offers a free Google My Business Ranking Report showing how well you rank from all locations in a chosen radius.

As an added bonus, we will show how you competitors are ranking compared to you.  Learn what your average rank is and or comprtitors average rank.

Google My Business Ranking Report

This report shows Ezy parking rates at position one on GMB on all 9 points of a grid covering 10,000 km2 (based on the search term Gold Coast Airport Parking).  Competitor GMB listing are shown below the grid with average rankings and the number of points where they are in the 3 Pack.

This is crucial information for any business owner making marketing decisions.  Google My Business 3 Pack is the most valuable real estate on the search page.  If you are unsure how often you are in the 3 pack, click below to request a free report.  Note, "service area" businesses that don't publish an address on GMB are unable to be reported on at this stage (we are working on it so stay in touch).

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