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What Does It Take To Get Your GMB Ranking In The 3 Pack

The GMB 3 Pack is arguably the most valuable piece of search page real estate.  In fact for any business on a marketing budget, investing first in GMB Ranking is your best investment.

So what are the ranking factors you need to be aware of?  Google talks about these three key areas


Relevance is basically, how well does your listing match a search.  You need to make sure you have added all of your business information to your listing including a business description, opening hours, images etc.  make sure your business category is the most appropriate and add sub categories if available. 

Consistency between your website content and your GMB Listing is important.  If you claim in your GMB Listing to offer a service or have expertice in a particular field, that information should also be on your website.  For best results your website should be optimised for onsite SEO, focusing on the same search terms as the GMB Listing.

Your business relevance also includes the number and quality of reviews including the speed and consistency of your responses to reviews.  The content of your GMB Posts also comes in here as do photographs.  Regularly upload photos from your phone or a modern digital camera because the location of the photo is recorded in the exif data of the image that Google's algorithm can read.


GMB is all about local search so it stands to reason that the closer you are to the searcher, the higher your ranking.  That doesn't mean you can't get ranked for searches in surrounding areas, but you do need to make sure your listing includes a service area and preferably mentions of the areas you service in your listing and on your website.  Yes, the quality of your website does impact your GMB ranking.  It is important that your address is accurate.  Google does not like post office boxes or virtual offices.  It is worth noting that if your go to your customers you can still list your address on GMB but have it hidden from the public.


Prominence is about how well-known your business is away from your GMB listing.  This includes the quality of your website and the amount of traffic your website receives as well as your prominence on third party websites, directories, social media etc.  These are known as online citations and the quality and consistency of those citations needs to be monitored and managed.

Finally, GMB ranking is not a set and forget.  Google is constantly adding and changing features and your competitors are constantly trying to outrank you.  When we create a local search campaign for, you get:

  • Keyword Tracking and Reporting
  • Audit of Top Competitors
  • A Local SEO Audit
  • Website onsite SEO Audit
  • A Local Link Strategy
  • A Google Reviews Strategy
  • A GMB Posting Strategy
  • Google My Business Category Research

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