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Onsite SEO Also Helps Your GMB Listing

An optimised GMB listing helps your website's SEO, but your onsite SEO also boosts your GMB listing.  One of the quality measures Google uses to assess your GMB listing is the quality of the website it links to.  If your GMB listing goes to a broken website or a simple website form or, worst of all, a website that doesn't match the content of the GMB listing, your GMB ranking will suffer.

Likewise, if your GMB listing is inactive and has out of date content then links from the GMB listing will not be considered to be quality links to your website.  Onsite SEO goes hand in hand with optimising your GMB listing.

What is Onsite SEO?

Traditionally SEO (search engine optimisation) has included two distinct components. 

  1.  Offsite SEO - This includes backlinks from other websites, listings on directories, social media etc
  2.  Onsite SEO - This is the actual content of your website, the structure of that content and metadata


onsite seoIn recent years Onsite SEO has become more significant.  As SEO Cowboys loaded sites with poor quality backlinks from irrelevant websites, Google has downgraded the importance of backlinks.  Most SEO professionals now recognise that onsite SEO and GMB listings are the most important aspects of SEO.  Unfortunately many operators still persist with backlink building as the primary focus of their expensive SEO offerings, possibly because they can outsource backlink building to India or Pakistan for a few dollars and pocket the difference as profit.

What Does Onsite SEO Entail?

Google is focused on user experience.  The better the user experience when someone visits your website, the more Google will like your site.  The Google algorithm is an extremely advanced artificial intelligence software that is continually learning from website visitors what they like and emulating that behaviour in assessing websites.  A good user experience is one where the visitor can find what they want easily and understand what they are seeing.  Onsite SEO is simply the science of making sure your site delivers that ease of use and clarity of content.  It includes optimising, among other things:

  • Headings (including using H1, H2, H3 and H4 heading tags correctly)
  • Meta data (making sure each page has a unique meta description that matches the page content)
  • Image - well Google currently can't actually see an image but it can read the alt text describing the image and the exif data embedded in the image.  The alt tag description is also important for voice readers and voice search
  • Keywords - Keyword meta data is no longer used because of bad SEO prctices in the past.  Your key words must appear naturally in the page content and in the right places to show they are important to the content
  • Internal links - linking between relevant pages within your website is important in telling Google the heirarchy of page importance
  • Readability - tiny fonts are hard to read.  Popups that block content are hated equally by your site visitors and Google
  • Navigation - if a page is hard to find on your website, it is likely Google will presume it is not important for it to be found

Unfortunately most website developers don't understand onsite SEO.  We will fix the onsite SEO on your website from $99 per page.


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